- Using External DSP with your HR2510 -

The HR2510 with the DSP-9+

I made some smal changes inside my HR2510 to be able to connect an external DSP to it. This modification, can easily be applyed to any radio-set that does not have connectors for external speaker, in addition i also added an extra jack to be able to use the internal speaker whith the DSP, to get an compact unit with no need to bring an external speaker along.

Read also more about the TimeWave DSP-9+ Unit that i use.

- Internal modification -
Since there is no 'Normal' connector for an external speaker on the HR2510, i decided to make one myself. I use an standard 3.5mm mono-chassi jack with a switch function. The jack is connected inside the radio as a standard external speaker jack (Shown in most cb-radio schematics)

In addition i also added an extra jack to be able to feed the processed audio back to the internal speaker in the radio.

This modification allows the internal speaker to function 'Normaly' when the jacks not in use.

Shematics of internal modification

Shows al the external connection points

- External connections -
1. Jack 'AF-Out' on the Radio goes to 'Audio Input' on the DSP
2. Jack 'AF-In' on the Radio goes to 'Speaker out' on the DSP

DSP-connection Cable

The 'Speaker out' on the DSP could also be connected to an external speaker if preferred, if this is the case, you don't have to add the 'AF-In' jack when you do the internal modifications to the Radio-set. In my modification however, i simply use the internal speaker to get a compact set.
(No external speaker needed)

Complete DSP-connection
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